10356723_10155536889505221_1129393013746531592_nI have been invited to Battle it out on Tuesday March 17th at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. I will be painting with 11 other artist from Mississauga.  The winner will be determined by audience votes.  I hope to see some familiar faces there!!

March 17th at 7pm
Living Arts Centre, Mississauga
4141 Living Arts centre drive

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IMG_2849I had a concussion! Now I draw!

My name is Angela C. I work as a camera assistant in the glamourous film industry. A year ago I suffered a concussion at work. I can’t say I will ever be back to normal but its left me leading a fairly different and interesting life.

I have found ‘art’ at the right time in my life. I was alway creative and like to make earrings and bracelets but now I am able to express depression, anxiety and sadness through painting on plates and canvases.

It has been about 6 months since the my first drawing and I have created 186 pieces. I am thankful to have this newfound ‘gift’ but I would trade it all in just to feel back to normal for a day.

Please enjoy the site and my galleries.

My recent pieces:

In the year I have had my concussion its only recently I am clear minded to accomplish something with my new found talent.

I have had the opportunity to be in a gallery in Toronto and won 1st place amongst thirty other talented artists. At the same gallery I had the opportunity to speak to small groups twice about mental illness and my concussion. I had the chance to meet many newly concussed people as well as supporters.

I would love any other opportunity to speak out on mental illness and speak to students at school.

I was interviewed by Jason Spencer of Mississauga News paper about my story. I was thankful I had this chance to bring some light on mental illness and speak about my life and story.2photo 2

I was asked by the Brain Injury Association of Canada to write an article for their paper for the October issues, “Mental Health Awareness Month” so i am excited to wait to see it.

Also I wrote an article for “Hospital News” the leading newspaper in hospitals about Mental illness and concussion and the Healthcare System.  I wrote about things that I needed to happen after my concussion, things that need to be changed during all this ‘illness.’ The lack of support in the system to those who are concussed.

Thanks for viewing my website. Please feel free to contact me if there are any speaking opportunities as well as any articles that I could tell my story.

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