My second Time lapse

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DSC03156Today I woke up a bit odd. My personality wasn’t completely there. That sounds almost like a joke but its defiantly not funny to me. I haven’t woken up to another personality for maybe half a week so it was a surprise to be so irritable and ‘blah’ with no motivation.

I TOLD myself today I was going to paint. I forced myself to do it today. Its like when your asked to mow the lawn by your mom and you keep procrastinating…. well that was ME and I had a ‘deadline’ since me and my brother were going to see my grandmother.

10620414_10154766598100221_580130425046718347_oSo this piece in my eyes is fairly different from my previous few. The other 5 pieces I have created were all based on happiness. There is a huge sense of movement of energies thru different colours and shades. The other pieces there is a range of shapes and styles of patterns. I can and COULD feel happiness flowing through the other 5 pieces.

This blue piece has two basic colours. blue and yellow. Both are primary colours though I don’t think there is any significance in that at all. I find it to be one basic flow of energies involving swirls. Like when you drip food coloring into milk and it swirlphoto 4s around.

This was my second attempt at time lapse… but i have to say it looks worse then the first. It was way too windy and the umbrella I had the go pro on was moving like MAD

If anyone is wondering I left the door to the go pro opened that way it is because if I need to change batteries or the ‘bacpac or LCD I can easily slip it out with disrupting the mount.

What do you think of the timelapse? BTW this time was a photo every 5 seconds.

A few of my children (art) have left my life this week

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So 10641052_10154771141050221_183882118715887115_nmuch has happened to me this week! Many highs and also lows. I have meet many uneducated people/coworkers about concussions and depressions and have tried to truthfully tell them how I feel. I have become stronger from all of this experience.

I have realized life is pre-destined. Things are suppose to happen for a reason for you/me to grow and move onto the next step. Its amazing how it works.

I am thankful for everything. I have even been TOLD my concussion had to have happen to lead to this purpose in life. IM NOT SURE how i feel about that. I would love to have control of my mind and myself sometimes but I do feel happy when I help people.

I am completely different from a year ago. A year ago I was working happy in film. I was very passionate about my job and worked very hard at it. This year I’m different  my personality is different, my goals and dreams are different.

Thank you to those who have been supportive thru all this. Thank you to those who are ignorant and uneducated. Everything has made me stronger and i feel this week I am on my second step of healing.

I feel my style in art will be changing very soon, I give it about half a week to a week. I feel myself learning and evolving from my old self and shedding my skin for something new. I do NOT know what it is. I know its going to be completely different and spectacular.

A New Start

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10644800_10154766196570221_2360456135668687839_nLast night was emotionally draining. It was hard to believe how everything unfolded. This spike in emotion gave me the urge to do something different.

I realized my process has always been very meditative and therapeutic for me. I have been asked by many friends on facebook (and in life) to record myself drawing and make a time-lapse video.

There is my (actually Shawn’s) go pro mounted on the patio umbrella. The terrible and longest time consuming thing is ‘waiting for the paint to dry’ a term I have used before but not in the literal sense.

I am excited to share the outcome of this!

Article in Mississauga Metroland newspaper

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Here is the photo of the article.
Concussion unlocks Mississauga woman s inner artist

Read the article here online. The print version will be out this week in Mississauga news paper, Metroland

Please share the article directly from the site 


Concussion unlocks Mississauga woman’s inner artist by Jason Spencer

022A0603MISSISSAUGA – Since concussions are now spoken about more openly, it seems as if we are only just scratching the surface of our understanding of the condition.

Take Mississauga’s Angela Chao, whose life dramatically changed when she suffered a concussion about a year ago.

Chao, who has worked as a camera assistant for the past decade on several well-known movies and TV shows, says she was on set when she suffered a head injury.

After going to the hospital, Chao went back to work without realizing the extent of what happened.

“People were telling me to go home and I was saying, ‘I’m Angela Chao, I’m supposed to be here today,’” she recalled. “I just kept losing my memory – that’s the first week.”

Following a newfound sensitivity to light, Chao continued to work because, on the outside, she appeared to be okay. Meanwhile, she noticed a transformation in her personality.

022A0410“With a concussion, you go through depression for no reason.”

Six months went by before she realized one day at work that something had to be done, so she decided to speak with an on-set paramedic, who used the words ‘mental illness.’

At first she was offended, but returned an hour later in tears, admitting that she needed help.

Rejecting the initial advice of seeing a psychologist, Chao decided to take matters into her own hands and ask around at work. She said being on a filmset offered serendipitous access to a co-worker who was familiar with concussions: the stuntman.

“He suggested that I go to cranial sacral therapy, which is a massage therapist who specializes in moving blood flow from your head to your toes,” she said, noting that her bump on the head had left her with the feeling of a “headrush” that wouldn’t go away.

Admitting that the practice seemed like “voodoo” at first, Chao was surprised to find her six-month headache finally leave her.

“The weight on my shoulders was gone. When I went home, I was like, ‘Something in my life has changed.’”photo 3

Following a sudden compulsion, Chao grabbed one of her mother’s old plates and began drawing on it with a marker.

“After 45 minutes, it turned out to be this magnificent bird.”

Noting that concussion as caused her to have problems focusing, she added: “It was so emotional. It was this mega-relief that I discovered this type of art in me that came out through this headache, this concussion.”

Without any instruction, Chao has created nearly 170 pieces in the past five months.

Until Sept. 21, six of Chao’s vibrant and intricately painted ceramics are on display at the Art Square Cafe, on 334 Dundas St. W. across from the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.

She doesn’t follow any particular artist or trend, creating solely from her intuition as a way to re-channel negativity.

“I don’t pre-think, it just comes out as how I feel,” said Chao, adding that she doesn’t even remember the free associative process in which her works were created.

022A0469“I’ve never done two styles – I’m told it’s like a hundred different artists, instead of me.”

Given the life-altering ride Chao has been on through the past 12 months, she’s hoping

to “shed light” on her concussion and depression.

And even though she’s equally amazed by her recent surge of creativity, the discovery is still bittersweet: “It’s interesting and bad at the exact same time. I would give it all back just to feel normal for a day.”

Visit to view her work.

My first interview

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I was contacted a week ago by the Editor of Mississauga Newspaper Metroland. They were interested in my story. The chief Editor sent Jason Spencer and I was interviewed today

He asked about my story, my journey and we spoke about the gallery and my purpose in life to help others now.

Stay tuned for info about the article coming up and SAVE A COPY for me!

My Babies all lined up

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10620414_10154766598100221_580130425046718347_oHere are 4 pieces I have created recently. This style came abouts on August 28 after the gala event I was really happy about winning the First place for ‘peoples choice’ at the gallery amongst 29 artist and after Sept 4 my speech about my journey. These 4 paintings are the ONLY works of art that are painting from pure happiness.

I do not know what this style is. But there is a lot emotions, movement and energy in these pieces.

I have been told these styles are similar to certain artists. My explanation is, I do NOT like to look at other artist works. I paint from my mind. I paint what I feel. This is my way of expression my depression (or happiness in this case) onto canvas. Whenever I feel a spike in emotion I am inclined (that is a gentle word.. i NEED TO) create art. Whatever I feel is put onto the canvas/or plate and its gone. If I feel depressed after I paint it leaves me. This is the best type of therapy.

I have so many styles because my emotions are going thru a lot right now. There are highs and lows with no triggers.

My hopes is in speaking to more and more people who are depressed I can help them find their own outlet that is NOT drugs, crime, alcohol or death.



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